Who are we?

EffsaaLogoEFFSAA (Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association) is a national association of professional logisticians striving since 1998, to achieve change in the sector of freight forwarding and shipping in Ethiopia.

Our main objectives are:
  • Setting standards to our industry
  • Improving capacities & competency levels
  • Sharing experiences
  • Arbitrating conflicts of finance and operations of different parties at different regions
  • Lobbying for the improvements and changes of policies
  • Partnering with all concerned networks & bodies in logistics
  • To Promote the Freight Logistics sectors to the society at large


An association endlessly promoting the spirit of mutual respect, cooperation and assistance among members, the public and private sectors.


To promote professionalism & excellence of the logistics industry through continuous learning and professional development.


  • The endless pursuit of excellence for Ethiopian Logistics
  • Enhancing the benefits of our members
  • Respecting & educating the rules of our profession locally and internationally


Formed by a small group of logistics professionals, EFFSAA aims to enhance the sector to have more power and voice. The governing bodies are: the General Assembly, Executive Board and members.

Achievements to Date

Over the past few years, EFFSAA has received different awards and recognitions; continuously striving to make EFFSAA a trustworthy Association of professionals being our primary goal:

  • Continued and improved partnership with local regulatory bodies
  • Recognition and award by FIATA of EFFSAA’s competence to establish logistics training center

Legal Status

Certificate of registration No. 1558. Certificate obtained from The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Charity and Societies Agency.