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FIATA & TT Club Acknowledged YIFFYA Participants

In early August 2021, FIATA & TT Club announced winners of the 2021 Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award from each region of FIATA. Besides revealing winners, all participants were acknowledged by the organizers for the tireless effort they made.

“The dissertations this year were again of an extremely high standard and all entrants should be congratulated on the knowledge and experience shown in their papers” said the chairman of Award Steering Group, Michael Yarwood. Accordingly, FIATA and TT Club sent Certificate of Participation and Memento to the National Associations to deliver it to the candidate on their behalf.

The certificate of participation and a memento was presented by the President of EFFSAA, Elizabeth Getahun on behalf of FIATA and TT Club to Abenet Belay who participated on this prestigious competition representing EFFSAA for the very first time.

The Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award was started in 1999 by FIATA TT Club. The aim of the award is to encourage training in the freight forwarding industry and to further develop the professionalism of young people in the industry.

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