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EFFSAA Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 01, No. 003

“Removing Barrier: Simplifying the Logistics Process in the Digital Era” – A Webinar will be held on the beginning of September

A webinar arranged by Djibouti Ports Community System (DPCS) scheduled be held on Thursday September 03, 2020 is postponed to Monday September 07, 2020 and Thursday September 10, 2020 to include more participants from all concerned stakeholders of the Logistics sector.

Dichoto-Beleho Cement Concrete Road Construction Project has been completed

Ethiopian Roads Authority announced that, the 2.4 billion birr Dichoto-Beho Cement Road project has been completed. The 78-kilometer road, built by the Ethiopian government in the Afar region will enable the use of the new Port of Tadjoura. Moreover, it will ease the traffic congestion at the existing port of Djibouti. Since it is constructed of cement concrete instead of asphalt, it will withstand high temperatures in the area.

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Ethiopian in Talks With South African Flag Carrier on Rescue

Ethiopian Airlines Group is among companies in talks with South Africa’s government about potentially offering support to the country’s insolvent state airline, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Lamu and Somaliland’s Berbera Port Eye Ethiopian Cargo as They Announce Significant Progress

The recent announcement by the Port Berbera in Somaliland of major progress has opened up a new competition for the Lamu port as the two facilities target Ethiopia as their main transit market. Lamu port has already completed its first three berths, waiting commissioning while Berbera port has announced finishing the construction of 400 meters quay and a 250,000-square-metre extension. The new facility will provide another connection between Ethiopia and global markets, and a transshipment hub where large container ships can offload their freight to feeder ships able to negotiate the Horn of Africa’s shallow ports.

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Government Shall Incentivize Refrigerated Container Service Providers

There is no enough Reefer container in Ethiopia. Exporters incur unnecessary cost due to insufficient number of Reefer containers. It makes them to pay twice for the container service. Empty Reefer container comes from Djibouti. They pay transportation cost of Refrigerated container that comes from Djibouti to their farms. When they load the product, they pay again.” Ato Tewodros Zewde – President, Ethiopian Horticulture Producers Exporters Association

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Lesson from Ethiopian Airlines’ success despite the pandemic

During the pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines significantly grew its cargo market presence with more than 70 cargo destinations now being served in comparison to the 10 destinations it served at the beginning of 2020. Ethiopian Airlines was strategically positioned thus it snatched the opportunity in the rapid surge in demand for medical supplies transport. The airline has become a key transporter of medical essentials in Africa and cargo demand might just be what enables it to offset the losses in passenger revenue.

The airlines in East Africa need to learn a thing or two from Ethiopian Airlines to be able to clinch opportunities even in uncertain times.

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Corporation Starts Moving Rebar From Djibouti

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) announced that its rebar dumped at Djibouti port for almost half a year is now being moved to the country. It has been stated that there were high amount of rebar and wire rod raging from 6mm to 32mm stored in the port area at Djibouti, because the corporation was unable to access finance for the settlement of customs duty and transit.

“We expected the product that consumed USD 8.5 million will be transported in a month time,” said Public Relation Head of ECWC.

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