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EFFSAA Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 01, No. 007

Ethiopia’s First National Transport and National Logistics Sector Policy & Non-Motorized Transport Strategy has Launched.

Ministry of Transport has launched a National Transport Policy, a National Logistics Policy, and a Non-Motorized Transport Strategy in the presence of high level government officials.

At the launching ceremony of the policies and strategy today, Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said the policies and strategy would enable the transport sector to play a vital role in the socio-economic development of the country.

The National Transport Policy covers road, air, rail, and sea transport infrastructures and services as well as the overall human development and logistics system handled by the modes of transport it was learned.

The National Logistics Policy has been prepared with the aim of transforming the sector’s leadership and institutional alignment for effective and quality service delivery, improved private sector involvement in the expansion and building of key infrastructures, enhanced sectoral competitiveness and provision of opportunities for job creation, the minster stated.

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First Coffee College Puts Down Roots in Addis

The first institute of higher education that will deliver courses and conduct research solely focused on the coffee industry is setting foot in Ethiopia with an investment of 50 million euros.

The handily named Coffee College, scheduled to start delivering courses next year, will offer six courses in the undergraduate Coffee Industry programme: Roasting, Trading and Branding; Metal & Engineering; Power & Decentralized Power Generation; Water & Water Distribution; Media; and Nursing & Kindergarten. After finishing the first four semesters in Ethiopia, students will go to Europe for six months to pursue the remaining courses.

The College, which has been undergoing preparations to be opened in Ethiopia for the last three years, will also provide inspection, testing and verification of coffee services. It offers a diploma and bachelor’s degree after two and four years, respectively. An additional two years is required for a master’s degree.

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Ethiopian Earned 112.14 Billion Birr in the 2012 Budget Year

Ethiopian Airlines earned 122.14 billion birr in 2012 budget year. The airline earned its revenue from international and domestic transportation by transporting passengers and goods, providing airport services and hotel accommodation, maintenance services and aviation training. Targeted to earn 149.72 billion birr in 2012 budget year, Ethiopian has achieved 122.14 billion birr or 82 percent of the plan. The airline was able to make the revenue by changing the passenger aircrafts to freighters since the number of passengers has significantly decreased due to the pandemic. It has also implemented various cost reduction strategies based on research, which is said to have saved more than 5 billion birr.

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The Commissioner Briefs about the Newly Implemented Paperless Customs Service

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