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EFFSAA Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 01, No. 052

Ethiopia elected to chair RAME.

Ethiopia has been elected to lead Region Africa and Middle East (RAME) of FIATA.

Nominated by Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA), Salahadin Khalifa, the former president of EFFSAA and the current vice chairman of RAME, has been chosen by member countries of RAME to be chairman of the region on its regular meeting which was held virtually on 1st of September 2021.

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EFFSAA has signed MoU with Senior Experts Group in Netherlands

EFFSAA has signed MoU with Senior Experts Group in Netherlands

Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PUM Netherlands senior experts (PUM).

The two institutes agreed to layout the framework for a seamless shipping and logistics service through a partnering institution tendency and capability in improving the human power of the industry, through continuous learnings, relevant workshops, Seminars and Trainings of an international standard.

Mrs. Elizabeth Getahun, President of EFFSAA and Mr. Henny van Vliet, Country Coordinator of PUM for Ethiopia signed the agreement representing their respective associations.

The Hague based institute was established in 1978 as PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers) by the Dutch employers’ association (VNO-)NCW. Since then, it has supported over 45,000 entrepreneurs.

It is to be recalled that, PUM in collaboration with EFFSAA has conducted a successful training on Warehouse Management in August 2019.

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Second Shipment of Ethiopian Avocados on its Way to Europe

Second Shipment of Ethiopian Avocados on its Way to Europe

Second shipment of Ethiopian avocados grown by local cooperatives of more than 100 farmers is on its way to Europe.

The Second shipment has been organized by Flying Swans and KogaVeg Agricultural Development PLC, and heading to the European market particularly the Netherlands, Belgium and UK.

The first refrigerated container carrying Ethiopian avocados was loaded at the train from Ethiopia to Djibouti via Modjo Dry Port on 22 August 2021.

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The Ministry saved 2.2 billion birr through various efforts in the logistics sector.

The Ministry saved 2.2 billion birr through various efforts in the logistics sector

A total of 2.2 billion birr has been saved through efforts in various logistics sectors, said Ministry of Transport.

954,000 tons of cargo was handled through the port of Tadjoura, which saved 91.935 million birr in logistics costs to the port of Djibouti. In addition, the purchase of 47 port machines at a cost of 11 million USD for the Modjo Multipurpose Logistics Center has increased the port’s loading and unloading capacity 100 percent.

Encouraging improvements are being made in the transport sector.

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Ethiopia ranks first in Africa in terms of container shipments and revenues

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) report announced that, Ethiopia ranks 47th in the world and first in Africa in terms of container shipments and revenue generated by the sector.

According to the report, Ethiopia has more than 4,500 seafarers, making it the fourth largest in Africa. This has enabled the country to earn up to 9 million dollars from the sector.

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Panafric Global Recognized for its Contribution.

Panafric Global Recognized for its Contribution1 Panafric Global Recognized for its Contribution


Panafric Global Plc, one of the most dedicated and reputable member of EFFSAA, has received certificate of recognition on the 9th “Begosew” award for its contribution to Ethiopia and its people.

Panafric, who operates more than 25 years in the Logistics sector of Ethiopia was nominated under Business and Entrepreneurship category of the annual Begosew award along with Belayneh Kinde, a well-known business icon engages in different business activities and Biruktawit Tigabu, an entrepreneur working in the field of children’s education; who is renowned by the prominent child based project, whiz kids.

The award took place at Inter-Luxury Hotel on Sunday September 5, 2021.

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Central Bank Eases Loan Freeze on Importers, Manufacturers

Officials of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) have loosened the restrictions on the banking industry, allowing importers and edible oil producers access to asset-based collateral loans.

It is in reverse to a decision they made three weeks ago, freezing the type of loans they blame for the fleeting Birr against major currencies exchanged in the parallel market. However, central bank authorities conceded that the freeze would worsen inflationary pressure, driving prices for imported items up.

Effective last week, the measure by the central bank enables commercial banks to provide loans to producers of edible oil and importers borrowing for the settlement of letters of credit once approved.

According to the central bank, those with approved or in the process of applications for letters of credit can apply for loans.

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Ethiopian Airlines leads African carriers by airlifting over 50 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines

Ethiopian Airlines, national carrier of the East African country, announced on Saturday that it has transported over 50 million doses of vaccine to more than 28 countries across the globe.

With its technologically equipped facility called “Pharma Wing,” the airliner said it has successfully shipped the doses to different countries, thereby becoming the only African carrier to achieve such a milestone.

Being at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, Ethiopian Airlines has transported the most needed medical supplies to over 80 countries since the outbreak, according to a statement from the carrier on Saturday.

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