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EFFSAA Weekly Newsletter, Vol. 02, No. 074

EFFSAA Held Its General Assembly

EFFSAA General Assembley 2022


Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA) held its General Meeting on Friday 10th of May 2022 at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

A session which had various programs was attended by Ato Salahadin Khalifa, Chairperson of FIATA-RAME and former President of EFFSAA, Eng. Yehualaeshet Jemere, Director General of Ethiopian Maritime Authority, Ato Roba Megersa, CEO of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise, Ato Mekonnen Abera, Former Director General of Ethiopian Maritime Authority and Dr. Matiwos Ensermu, President of Ethiopian Logistics and Supply Chain Management Professionals Association aside from members of the Association.

Reports presentation and discussions preceded the launching program of both the intro and theme for its new radio program and the video highlight from the upcoming documentary film of the Association, which got a warm welcome from participants.

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EFFSAA Successfully Revalidated FIATA Diploma Training

EFFSAA Successfully Revalidated FIATA Diploma Training

EFFSAA successfully revalidated all the training modules by FIATA Logistics Institute (FLI). Accordingly the Association become eligible to deliver the internationally accredited FIATA Diploma for the next 4 years.

Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA) started delivering FIATA diploma since 2017 and it marked 4 years. The program makes the Association the only national Logistics Association in Ethiopia in delivering this unique training program. In order to continue the training program Association members shall get an accreditation from FIATA which will be approved by a module revision continued by revalidation. Accordingly, EFFSAA went through module revalidation by submitting all the required documents and appeared for defense.

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Djibouti Seeks Binding Agreement With Ethiopia To Connect Railway With Port

Ethiopia’s attempts to use the Ethio-Djibouti railway for fuel transport faces setbacks.

Authorities in Djibouti want Ethiopia to sign a binding agreement to use their port to import fuel, should they construct a loading facility on Ethio-Djibouti railway. It is a proposal made as Ethiopia begins to build a rail line connecting the Ethio-Djibouti railway with Awash Depot.

Djibouti was expected to begin the construction but failed to do so, as negotiations with Ethiopian officials took longer than anticipated, and the duo are yet to reach an agreement over the future use of the railway line.

A year ago, a cornerstone was laid for the construction of a line connecting the Awash Depot with the main railway line, unloading facility, and Awash-2 railway station. It is a part of the railway project that connects the Awash-Wolidia-Kombolcha-Haragebya railway with the Addis Ababa-Djibouti line.

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Hawassa City Admin, Shipping Enterprise Spar Over Dry Port Project

Hawassa City Admin, Shipping Enterprise Spar Over Dry Port Project

Hawassa customs office complains the delay of the construction of the dry port is causing havoc.

Executives of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE) are unhappy with the relocation a new site for putting up a dry port in Hawassa, citing the location is far from the industrial park in the city.

Four years ago, the city administration allocated 3.5 hectares of land inside the Hawassa Industrial Park. The ESLSE embarked on constructing the dry port on the land at a cost of 100 million birr.

However, last year, the city administration reversed its decision, giving the land to another investor. In replacement, the city administration gave another 3.5 hectares of land located far from Hawassa city.

“The new site is very far from the city and is not accessible by surface transportation. It cannot help exporters in the Hawassa Industrial Park. Plus, the new land is not approved by the Ethiopian Maritime Authority,” said Roba Megersa, CEO of the enterprise.

The enterprise, which is responsible for developing and administering dry ports, also halted the construction of the Hawssa dry port, after incurring losses amounting over nine million birr.

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Shipping Enterprise Seeks CBE Defers $67m in Loans

Executives of the Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) plan to apply for loan deferment for two years in their effort to acquire two more vessels. Loan deferment allows them to temporarily suspend making payments on principal loans and, in some cases, interest.

The move comes following demands from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) to submit proof of payment for a 67 million dollar loan the Enterprise had applied for six months ago. The loan requested by the Enterprise, which operates a fleet of nine dry vessels and two oil tankers, may not be able to cover all of the financing required to acquire the ships with a load capacity of 65,000tn each.

The Enterprise will cover the balance from revenues it generates, according to Roba Megersa, chief executive officer (CEO).

ESLSE generated 726 million dollars in revenues in the last financial year.

Accessing the investment in a foreign currency will be a crucial step toward commissioning the building of the ships.

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