Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association

ToT Concluded with a Grand Closing Ceremony

The 4th round of Training of Trainer (ToT) program for FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding program, which was held from February 23 to March 07, 2023, finalized on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at Sheraton Addis Hotel.

On the day, Director General of Ethiopian Maritime Authority, Yehualaeshet Jemere (Eng.), President of Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA), Elizabeth Getahun (Mrs.), Vice President of EFFSAA and Chairman of the Air Freight Institute of The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA), Dawit Woubishet (Mr.), Senior Vice President of FIATA and Master Trainer, Thomas Sim (Mr.), Chairman of Region Africa and Middle East (RAME) of FIATA, Salahadin Khalifa (Mr.), Deputy Country Director of Trademark Africa Limited, Abenet Bekele (Mr.), Managing Director of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo and Logistics Services, Abel Alemu (Mr.), members of the Board of Directors of EFFSAA, trainees, invited guests and media were present.

Mrs. Elizabeth, who welcomed guests and gave opening remarks, requested the government for land allocation to the Association, so it could build a training center and make its training program widely accessible.

Following the chairperson, Eng. Yehualaeshet Jemere, Director General of Ethiopian Maritime Authority, delivered a message whereby he acknowledged EFFSAA for its effective capacity-building initiatives.

“As Senior Vice President of FIATA, I would like to congratulate the Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents for making this important training program a success.” said Master Trainer Mr. Thomas Sim, the senior vice President of FIATA. He further stated that, the previous achievements contributed a lot to the association’s successful completion of the training program.

Trainees expressed their gratitude by presenting a memento gift to Mr. Thomas, stating that the trainer’s extensive knowledge and approach helped them successfully complete an engaging training session.

In addition to trainees, the Association also presented a certificate of recognition and a gift to the trainer, for delivering the program on time, in a standard manner and in a memorable way.

The experts who took part in the 4th round of ToT, gave a gift to the Association in recognition of the contributions made by EFFSAA. The representative for the trainees said “We would like to express our gratitude for the role played by EFFSAA in preparing this timely training; so that we can develop our knowledge and acquire international experiences.” The members of the Board of Directors and the secretariat office of EFFSAA received the gift together.

The trainees who successfully completed the training were awarded Certificate of Completion, and they will shortly receive certification documents sent directly from FIATA. Certificates of appreciation were also presented to the organizations that contributed significantly to the training’s success.

Salahadin Khalifa, President of RAME-FIATA and chairperson of the training technical committee of the Association made a closing remark, emphasizing significance of increasing the number of trainers to the growing demand towards FIATA Diploma training.

The association has conducted the FIATA Diploma Training of Trainer (ToT) Program three times in 2010, 2017 and 2018, and the 4th round has been held from February 23 – March 07, 2023.

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