• Be a voice of the logistics sector of Ethiopia. EFFSAA stands for the rights of its members and works for their benefits by raising to the government policy related issues of the sector.
  • Arrange appropriate venues in collaboration with the concerned government bodies that will provide a conducive environment for members to address critical obstacles of the sector.

Awareness Creation

  • Join EFFSAA to participate on the planned logistics radio air time.

This will serve as a platform to create awareness about logistics, discuss about problems of the sector with the responsible organs of the government and jointly come up with appropriate solutions.


  • Contribute for the advanced performance of the logistics industry, by exchanging relevant professional knowledge and skills for the development of logistics management and practices that are critical. In this regard, EFFFSA is an accredited Association for providing trainings, at a discounted rate for FIATA Diploma.


  • Benefit from opportunities for international networking and exploration of business opportunities for members. The list of members will be continuously updated on the Association’s website for the ease of accessibility and information sharing with external stakeholders of the sector.
  • Access to participate at different national and international logistics summits, networking events and B2B meetings that will be conducted both in Ethiopia and abroad.
  • Access to local and international sectorial news and information
  • Discounted training packages
  • Listing and promotion through the web page of EFFSAA
  • Support to appropriate regulatory bodies to protect the interests of its members
  • Rallying to protect members interest