The Freight Forwarder – Architect of Transport

Freight forwarding is all about the smooth flow of international trade.

The freight forwarder is the party who ensures that internationally traded goods move from point of origin to point of destination to arrive:

  • At the right place,
  • At the right time,
  • At the most economic cost.

To accomplish this, expertise is required in a number of different areas:

  • Air and Ocean Freight
  • Logistics
  • Statutory Compliance (particularly Customs)
  • Risk Management
  • Finance and Payment

Globalization and the growth of world trade have seen an increasing number of companies entering the international trade arena and this in turn has led to an exponential growth in the freight forwarding industry over the last few years.

There is little doubt that freight forwarding will continue to occupy a key place in the international supply chain for many years to come: this makes freight forwarding a worthwhile career to consider.

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